Measurement Worldwide Group has been at the forefront, helping customers develop the projects safely, efficiently and profitably.

Research & Development

The Partners will drastically reduce their capital expenditure by working in concert…

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Our Vision

After enjoying more than a decade of success in the Calibration & Testing business…

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Packages & Support

Partner’s lack of specialized knowledge is overcome, by training programming’s…

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Worldwide The MW Group . provides 24/7 operations, which means that your equipment is tested, certified and ready for operations quickly and efficiently!
Worldwide, MW Group can help in any situation or environment.

Our Products & Services


FPSO Measurement Worldwide Group was founded to serve a wide range of needs in the FDPSO…

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Defense Division

Defense Division MW Group can provide acquisition, program management, budgeting…

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Calibration and Testing

Calibration and Testing we understands that it is important to your customers that your business…

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Maintenance Services

Maintenance service making sure you start your new operation on the right foot is crucial to your…

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Rope Access

Rope Access division enables us to provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional scaffolding…

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Subsea Services

Subsea services with a broad range of IMCA auditing services for Diving spreads…

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Our Certificates
Chairman's Letter

Standard measurement can be traced as far back as the Old Kingdom Pyramids of Egypt with the Royal “Cubit” during the 3rd millennium BC through the “Yard” defined in law by Edward I of England in, to the present day International System of Units(SI) commissioned by Bureau International des Poids et Mesures. This lucrative industry as been propelled by International Standard Organisation…Read More

Mark Wheeler MSc. Eng. Tech.
Chairman, MW Group
Tv Interview With Mark Wheeler