Packages & Support

The people of Measurement Worldwide Group have spent years & vast sums of money to build up, develop & document how the business should operate. The partners would gain a wealth of expertise & knowledge from the Measurement Worldwide Group, thereby requiring a much shorter time to learn to run the business.

Physical Values

  • Pressure & Vacuum
  • Electrical & Electronic
  • Temperature 
  • Humidity & Dewpoint
  • Flow
  • Force and many more

Accreditation Status

  • International Standard Organisation 17025
  • incorporating ISO 9001/2 Manuals
  • Civil Aviation Airworthiness Requirements 145 Manuals
  • US Department of the Navy Metrology and Calibration Program

Type of Venture

  • Localised Venture
  • Master Venture
  • A Strategic Partnership


Partners will have the benefit of our continuous research & development programmes, which are designed to improve the business & keep it up todate & most importantly, competitive. Partners can be assured that Measurement Worldwide Group will always ensure standards are increased & maintained. Partner will automatically obtain comprehensive scope of physical values, combined with high accuracy & expression of uncertainties. Partners will be able to apply for imperative laboratory accreditation recognition.


Partners will have at their disposal the specialized & highly skilled knowledge & experience of the Measurement Worldwide Group while remaining independent.

Partner’s business risk would therefore be greatly reduced.

Partners would have the expertise of Measurement Worldwide Group, who would provide assistance with any problems, which might arise during the coarse of business.


Measurement Worldwide Group’s reputation is already well established within the industry. Partners would have the benefit of owning an independent business operating within the framework of Measurement Worldwide Group. The trade name & mark of Measurement Worldwide Group has been familiar within the industry for many years. In a joint venture the partner benefits from the goodwill & recognition of this trade name within the industry.


The Partners will drastically reduce their capital expenditure by working in concert with Measurement Worldwide Group due to their past investment & research within the metrology market. Partners will receive top class metrology systems from continuous research & development programmes. Partners will have the benefit of using intellectual property, trade secrets, software development etc.


Partners will be introduced to key customer accounts. Measurement Worldwide Group assembles the maximum amount of information & experience, which is available to the partner. Measurement Worldwide Groups’s marketing team will identify potential global player & developing industries relevant to your operation. Partners will be able to pool resources to come up with joint advertising & promotion programs with Measurement Worldwide Group at a lower cost.


In any business venture, there is always a risk of failure. However the concept of joint Venture is based on following a proven way of operating the business according to the format developed over the years by Measurement Worldwide Group. Hence, the chance of success as a partner BECOMES many times higher than running your own independent business.

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