Chairman's Letter

Standard measurement can be traced as far back as the Old Kingdom Pyramids of Egypt with the Royal “Cubit” during the 3rd millennium BC through the “Yard” defined in law by Edward I of England in, to the present day International System of Units(SI) commissioned by Bureau International des Poids et Mesures. This lucrative industry as been propelled by International Standard Organisation (ISO) who’s globally published ISO 9000 series of standards stipulate mandatory periodically checking of measuring instruments so that industry either maintain or improve there quality of products and services. Measurement Worldwide Group has taken this internationally recognised and traditional service and brought it to its optimum level by acquiring the following accreditations and recognition:

  • International laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC)
  • Singapore Laboratory Accreditation Scheme
  • US Department of Navy Metrology and Calibration Program
  • Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore Air Worthiness

The market is estimated to be $ 3.7 Billion (Frost & Sullivan Report) by year 2014 with growth rates in excess of 4%. Today the industry is highly fractured, but because we have reinvested over the years Measurement Worldwide Group is the perfect vehicle to consolidate this mandatory industry. As a former North Sea Saturation Bell Diver critical life support measurements were taken for pressure, depth, gas, temperature and humidity to accomplish engineering feats in the harshest and prolonged environments. It is armed with this “we shall and must” do team work we will consolidate this lucrative industry making Measurement Worldwide Group a major industrial force.



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