Rov & Diving Services

MW Group’s ROV fleet consists of 125hp or more vehicles, rated up to 3,000 meters and capable of operating in shallow water and strong currents. These cutting-edge systems provide a high quality platform to undertake all manner of intervention and subsea survey activities; with the capacity to carry additional larger and heavier under-slung work packages, such as survey sensors, intervention tooling, dredges and fluid injection skids.


  • Auto-station keeping – ROV DP System
  • Integral survey data and video multiplexer using dedicated fibre-optic transmission system – in addition to the ROV control mux
  • Schilling 7 function ‘master/slave’ and TA60 5 function manipulators
  • IHPU (independent hydraulic power units) provides ‘dirty work pack facility’ for third party tooling
  • Multi-function hydraulic valve packs including high flow proportional valves for tooling operations.

Non-destructive tests are important in the marine, oil and gas industries because they allow materials to be inspected and measured without subjecting them to any damage.

Flaws can be detected early as a measure to prevent potential damages or dangers to a structure or material and maintain Class Approval


  • Water jetting and high-pressure grit blasting
  • Under-Water Inspection In-lieu of Dry-docking (UWILD) 
  • Visual inspection 
  • Video and photographic surveys 
  • Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Measurement 
  • Ultrasonic Detection 
  • Magnetic Particle Testing 
  • Eddy Current Testing 
  • Grouting
  • Maintenance and repair 
  • Hull Cleaning and hyperbaric Welding 
  • Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) surveys
  • Pipeline refurbishment and repairs
  • Wet Engineering Studies
  • Pipeline, Flow line and cable tie-ins, repair and inspection
  • De-commissioning of existing offshore structures and facilities 
  • Salvage works 
  • Installation of seawater intakes/outlets
  • Anode Installation / Inspection / Replacement 
  • Subsea Cathodic Protection 
  • Support to Pipeline, Flow line and Cable laying and post lay trenching 
  • NDT Survey of offshore installation of platforms, SBMs, FPSO
  • ROV Survey Services 
  • Harbour, jetties and underwater civil works 
  • Buoy installation & Offshore Construction
  • Saturation/HeliOx/NitrOx/Air/Portable diving services
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